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Violet Batejan grew up near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. A graduate of Kimberton Farms High School (now Kimberton Waldorf School) and Temple University, she spent forty-seven years as a physical therapist in various settings. Writing, always a first love, played an important role in her life. In 1991, she graduated from the Institute of Children's Literature. She won awards at St David's Christian Writer's Conference, where her writing became a life-long ambition. Presently, she is a full time writer who lives with her husband, Michael, and their Maine Coon-Persian cat, in the picturesque hills of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Always a lover of nature and "furry things," Violet has enjoyed cats, dogs, horses and many smaller creatures of God's creation. When called to save a fellow employee from a small snake, her instant response was, "Don't hurt it! I'm coming!" Married for forty-five years, Violet named their home "Eden Hill" reflecting gratitude for her surroundings and husband. They have lived on this piece of God's real estate forty-four years and counting.

About the Author
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